About us

The company Peoplebelgi Events holds a strong position in the market and continues its internationalization.


His brands: Naturea, Meia-Dúzia, Alecrim aos Molhos, Boaboca, PPS Express ...

Our Vision
Company Profile

Peoplebelgi Events, fully aware of the current situation, worked hard over recent months at increasing flexibility of their structures and now is well prepared for the future. The positive aspect, which is above all, beside the attracting of a very loyal customers, other reputable firms have joined us, and been entrusted to us important projects in Europe in the promotion of its products. This allowed the further internationalization expected.


All persons concerned by this development strategy wins. And especially the customers. They benefit from increasing the range of transports, a structure to provide services even smoother, an optimized technical competence and the conditions for optimum performance.


The Peoplebelgi Events company already occupies a solid market position in the area of promotional events and express mail, with special accent on the availability of their services. This is the basis from that predicted to be a strongly advance the internationalization of the company, and especially in a first phase to its position in the European market. The soul will be, above all, the remarkable broadening the range of services as well as clearly defined objective to invest in the future, more specifically in the development of innovations and new technologies.

The various investments initiated in 2010 were enhanced in 2011 with the opening of new facilities in Zaventem. Thanks to this investment of choice and equipped with the latest technology, the warehouse has the highest level of security.